Meet our Team

Willem DersjantWillem Dersjant – Principal:  Willem brings expertise in European design craftsmanship to his projects in the United States.

At the age of ten Willem moved to California from Holland. He attended high school in San Rafael, where he began remodeling houses at the age of 16. His family and predecessors came from a long line of boat builders and hotel owners.

Partnered with a cabinetmaker from Michigan he remodeled Red Hill Liquors for Don Pozo in Mill Valley in 1987. Subsequent Mill Valley remodels included Varney’s Hardware, Tamapias General Store, Tamapias Hardware, and the final remodel of Moser’s Shoes. Home remodels included the home of Moser’s Shoes owners Shirley and Brad Nail (the mayor of Mill Valley at the time), David Crosby’s house in Mill Valley, Dewey Bunnell of the group America in San Anselmo, Marty Balin (of Jefferson Starship), and residents include Michael Lerner of Mill Valley, Dr. Jerry Vaegh of Mill Valley, Dr. Robert Stultz, and R. McKenzie of Kentfield. Also, El Greco Restaurant in San Anselmo and The Canary, Gumps Department Store, Sharper Image, The Sun Glass Place, and J.G. Lippe.

In 1991 Willem returned to Europe to pursue his singing career, touring opera houses to see where he might best fit. Once the opera was underway he also accepted invitations to sing pop, Schmaltz, and Austrian Mountain music with bands he knew.

Some of Willem’s fellow band members turned out to be in the construction business, so Willem began working with them on projects in Europe and formed a construction company there.

Their work remodeling restaurants led to an invitation to remodel the historical buildings in the Stadtpark in Hamburg, tearing down walls and building a stage, public restrooms, and the beer garden. Then there was construction work for Lufthansa at their request, and a handball and a squash court and complete renovation of Hamburg’s largest sports facility, 50,000 sq. ft. over a 7 year duration. Work in Hamburg, Majorca, and Holland included a number of small estates, Villas, and churches, specialties such as crown molding plasterwork and stained-glass.

Team Euro Design officially began in 2006 when Willem returned from his 15 year stay in Europe. The company offers the concept of one stop shopping, so that in addition to construction crews (including plumbing, electrical, etc.) there are designers, architects and engineers with their portfolios of their work to enable clients to select the team most suited with their needs and taste. Some clients like to be on hand while the work is being done; others prefer being absent, be kept informed by video if they wish, and come back to the finished product.

Willem is personally involved with all projects the company undertakes. He looks forward to speaking with you about your building or remodeling needs.


Nobu headshotNobu Yoshida – Designer:  Nobu specializes in high-end  residential projects, hotels, guest houses and  renovations. She is certified in Feng Shui and has been practicing design for 7 years, since completing her training in Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Arts university in San Francisco, where she earned a BFA. Stressing natural materials and finishes she aims to create sanctuaries that promote wellness and healing, aligned with client goals. To accomplish her aim for balance and beauty, she integrates her design training and experience with her background in psychology, BA Naropa Institute, emphasizing Buddhist studies and art. She enjoys yoga, dancing, outdoors, martial arts and serving the community through Habitat for Humanity.


Claudia JuestelClaudia Juestel – Interior Design, Color, Sustainable Design: Claudia is the founder and principal of Adeeni Design Group and was born in Austria into a family of artists, craftsmen and musicians. Classically trained in drawing, painting, sculpture, cooking, hotel management and interior design, in 1999 she formed Adeeni Design Group, which specializes in high–end residential and small commercial interiors with projects throughout the country and abroad in London, England, New Delhi, India and on Guam.

Known for navigating between modern and traditional with exceptional ease Claudia and her team infuse interiors with a sense of comfort, richness, warmth and timelessness through a cosmopolitan approach to design. Claudia‘s adaptability to various forms of architecture and design and her understanding of scale and proportion come as a clear result of her varied education and upbringing. Working in a variety of styles it is the firm‘s philosophy that designers can break away from a ”signature“ style, and that each home should perfectly reflect the owners‘ individual lifestyles. The approach is more that of set designers, which results in each project becoming its own original piece of art, created in close collaboration with the clients.

Kimball StarrKimball Starr – Interior Design Kimball Starr Interior Design delivers creatively- driven residential and commercial spaces that range from one-room transformations to full-scale remodels. Our designs are characterized by organic surfaces, crisp lines, and rich palettes layered across an architectural framework and we believe comfort holds the key to successful design. With a focus on creating intelligently planned interiors we maximize the user experience, and augment with thoughtful finish selections and interior detailing, while maintaining the integrity of the architecture and the needs of the user.

Kimball Starr is Allied ASID, has a post-baccalaureate in Interior Architecture & Design from UC Berkeley, has appeared on the nationally syndicated TV show Creative Living, and was selected as the sole U.S. interior designer for publication in the hardcover book “Zen Style Residences” highlighting 20 global interior designers.

Scott CunninghamScott Cunningham – Interior Design: Scott Cunningham is a color and surface consultant for interior remodels and new construction projects.

Scott Cunningham’s approach reflects the vision of the architect, client and contractor, while incorporating the scheduling and budget needs of the project as a whole.

Drawing on inspiration from the light and color of the Northern California landscape, there’s a flexibility in Scott Cunningham’s work- a natural expansion of his background as a fine arts painter and sculptor. His approach projects a visual landscape that is harmonious, coordinated, and soothing. From floors, countertops, paint colors, wall finishes and tile – Scott Cunningham’s finely honed understanding of color and material finishes creates a fluid look that is timeless and classic, yet reflects the personal style of the client.

Working with his team of design professionals, Scott Cunningham selects the best in material finishes, paint colors and surface design within any budget. Pre-planning is the most crucial stage in good design, Scott says. “Many people try to rush things – the most common mistake is not working through ideas fully, not seeing how all the finishes – the paint, the walls, the carpets – fit together”.

A designer for more than 20 years, Scott Cunningham has a portfolio of award-winning work in styles from modern to historic-recreation for both residential and business clients. A winner of multiple ASID design awards for his work, Scott’s expertise has also been utilized by the San Francisco Housing Authority,

Scott’s work has been featured in Sunset Magazine, California Home and Design, The San Francisco Chronicle, the Marin Independent Journal and featured on ‘California Living’, a lifestyle television show


Morgan AmourMorgan Amour – Architecture For nearly twenty years I have been designing and building things, some for clients, some for myself. While I received a B.S. in Molecular Biology and Chemistry from SFSU I worked as a carpenter. I worked as a stage set builder and designer while preparing to start my Masters of Architecture from the California College of the Arts. Since graduating with Honors, I have combined my previous skill sets with new skill sets I learned to create unique and meaningful designs.




Grand Master Lin Yun with Seann Xenja

Grand Master Lin Yun with Seann Xenja

Seann Xenja – Feng Shui Design Feng Shui practitioner Seann Xenja, based in Mill Valley, California, gives slide presentations, lectures, and provides site analyses worldwide. A construction and design professional, he has an MA in Education, a BA in Psychology, and is a disciple of Feng Shui Master Lin Yun.
The founding editor of Feng Shui Journal, Seann Xenja serves as a bridge between East and West, and is able to bring Feng Shui to clients and workshop participants ranging from homemakers to business owners, from health care professionals to real estate developers. His Feng Shui consulting and teaching work, as featured on CNN, has been written about in New Age Journal, The San Francisco Examiner, The San Francisco Chronicle, AXXIS, Credencial, and many other publications in North and South America.


Ed Stizza – Project Manager/ Design

Ed is an innovative and creative problem solver. Ed comes to us via the mid-west before relocating to California. Ed has over 30 years of project management, design and construction experience and his attention to detail allows clients to implement their visions with Team Euro Construction crews and Staff.




Douglas Matteson – Civil Engineering – California Civil Engineering Lic. # C18200

Also Licensed to Practice in Hawaii, Oregon & Nevada.

Profession: CIVIL ENGINEER 44 Years Practice as Licensed Civil Engineer; 22 Years in Marin County.

Practice includes all levels of Civil Engineering Public and Private.

Work abroad includes South America, Australia and India.

Total Vocational Employment including years prior to Licensure: 60 years.


John Yu –  Junior Designer

John always have a passion for interior designing, because it give him the opportunity to express his creativity in designing a functional space, whether it’s a home, school, office or any other type of space as it make a place look unique and operative. He believe a space should served its purpose in a timely manner, and also have a distinctive design for people to have a memorable time. John was inspired by modern design, a space to be simple, clean and timeless. John went to The Art Institute of California – San Francisco where he earned his BS degree in Interior Design.