Community Events

Please join us at the following community events.


Current Artist Showcase

Michelle Sixta – Digital Artist: My work comes out of an intuitive creative process and is inspired by the natural world. While enjoying one of my favorite pastimes, hiking, I photograph scenes and details along the way… Visit Michelle’s website at

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Assy Art 2

Upcoming Artists Series

Coming Soon… The series of work you will receive for the show is about doorways into another reality. The reality you desire, where pure intentions are realized. Artist Statement: I explore the meaning of restoration, generation, and regeneration through an experimental art making process. My paintings and writings spring from a lifelong experience with self-healing. …

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Robert Tennyson Stevens

Conscious Language

Join us as we gather in our Sausalito studios to view the DVD’s and works of Robert Tennyson Stevens’ Conscious Language, Sacred Body Language, Bio-Optic Holography, etc. all creating Conscious Communities. Tennyson’s work can be found at We will be joining in community every second and fourth Monday of the month from 7pm to …

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Dance of Qigong (at Tennessee Valley)

Outdoor Qigong at Tennessee Valley in Tam Valley (Beginning May 6th) Qigong is traditionally practiced outside so that one can connect with the Qi from the heavens, nature and earth. Come join us for this magical experience of connecting with the elements of the heavens above, nature all around us and the spirit of the …

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