Dec 30 2013

Happy New Year!

.As we enter the New Year it’s a great time to start planning how to add new beauty and design to your home. Maybe it’s a remodel or addition or window or new bathroom. We would love to show you some possibilities that fit your lifestyle, taste and budget.

As Winston Churchill said “We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.”

We at Team Euro Design & Construction think he was recognizing the importance of our space on our psyche. It can bring us up rather than down; it can bore us or inspire us.

One of the most important parts of that process is the design-build phase. The design-build meeting is an industry standard that ensures our client’s design can be created and is consistent with their vision and our opportunities and limitations as builders. At the design-build meeting all the possible ambiguities, options, and details are worked out and signed off. Without a carefully conducted design-build meeting things can, as an architect told me the other day – go sour. But at Team Euro Design – we will carefully review the design plans and components that are necessary for your successful remodel or new construction so there are no surprises in budget or timeline.

(Please see our testimonial page for examples of us delivering on this promise).

Initially, of course, You can meet with one of our talented designers to consider how you live and how you can enjoy your space more. You might think about Feng Shui, lighting, temperature, green building and any other number of components. After engaging work with our designers and multiple design meetings, we will initiate the design-build meeting where as a team we come together to further translate the vision into the details for building your dream space.

Again – Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you this year.

Feb 06 2013

Landscaping Services in Marin County by Team Euro Design

A Beautiful DayIs your landscaping situation in disarray? Have you always wanted that beautifully landscaped yard but have never had the time or the budget to make that dream a reality? A well landscaped yard can not only increase the beauty and curb appeal of your Marin County home, it will also increase its value. You know you should hire a professional to create a beautiful landscaped yard for your home in Marin County, but there are so many options and you want to go with the best company that provides the best value. If you are looking for the right fit then you need look no further than Team Euro Design and Construction.

Team Euro Design and Construction provides the best landscaping services for our clients in Marin County. Recently we provided landscaping services to a villa inQuality landscaping improves your home’s value Tiburon, an historical landmark hotel in Sausalito, and a lovely hillside bungalow in Mill Valley, including a custom wrought iron railing onsite by a Master Craftsman. We are pleased to announce we were able to provide very competitive bids on these jobs in addition to giving the customers top notch quality with landscaping, landscape maintenance, and custom wrought iron railing. These yards look absolutely beautiful with these additions and we can provide landscaping solutions like these for your Marin County home as well.

When you’re ready to get the landscaped yard of your dreams, give Team Euro Design and Construction a call. We also do landscaping maintenance for both residential and commercial entities. Give us a call today! Thank you.

Feb 01 2013

Total Home Remodels in Marin County – Whole Home Management While you live your life!

Whole Home ManagementAt Team Euro Design and Construction, our favorite type of project in Marin County is the total home remodel. The best time to do a total home remodel in Marin is when you have a situation that will allow you or require you to be away from your primary residence for a reasonable stretch of time, say about 2 months. Whether it be working out of the country or a long travel itinerary. While you are away Team Euro Design and Construction is capable of handling everything that your Marin County home requires. In fact, we specialize in estate and smaller property management. From your landscaping to the mail, we can handle it all. We have a long history of managing estates and smaller properties in Marin County and can even ensure that your landscapers and other maintenance professionals are taken care of.

Say that you’ve always wanted to do a second story addition, but have groaned to yourself over the hassle it would be to have to deal with the construction process. We have the solution for you! Let Team Euro Design handle everything while you are able to live your life worry free. When you return your Marin County total home remodel will be complete and you can enjoy the benefits of increased comfort and property value without ever having the deal with the headache of the process. Give Team Euro Design a call today and get your total home remodel project in Marin underway.

Jan 28 2013

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels in Marin County

Rustic and PracticalTeam Euro Design and Construction are the Bathroom and Kitchen remodel experts for Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area. In our kitchen and bathroom remodels, we utilize a full-service approach and are with you every step of the way from design to installation in order to ensure your utmost satisfaction with the remodel experience. Let us help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams in your Marin County home.

Bathroom Remodels in Marin County

Are you are looking to improve your comfort and make your mornings more efficient? Then remodeling your bathroom in Marin County is a great idea. Remodeling your bathroom is a wonderful way to improve your happiness and your health. New state of the art fixtures like shower heads that can increase pressure and save water at the same time are a great way to help yourself and the environment of Marin County. Remodeling your bathroom with bigger wash basins or perhaps adding a second sink for your partner can help you get more accomplished in greater comfort and save time. From state-of-the-art to timeless classics, we can make whatever you are envisioning for your new bathroom a reality.

Kitchen Remodels in Marin County

The role of the kitchen in the American household has evolved over the years. In Marin County kitchens often serve as living spaces, where you may surf the web or your children may do their homework. Of course the primary roleSimple and eloquent! of the kitchen is to make a serve food and you want to have the best possible fixtures and appliances to accomplish this goal efficiently and improve the overall décor of your home. Team Euro Design and Construction will remodel your kitchen into a room with both high utility and style that will best be able to meet the needs of you and your family.

Hire Team Euro Design for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels in Marin County

Team Euro Design and Construction is Marin County’s premier kitchen and bathroom remodel contractor. We have the knowledge and experience to complete any and all kitchen and bathroom remodel projects. For the best in quality and customer service in Marin, please give us a call today.

Jan 23 2013

The Importance of Water Testing in San Francisco

I Left My Heart...If you are having problems with leaks at your home or business in San Francisco, then it might be a good idea to hire a professional water testing company like Team Euro Design and Construction. Did you know that water testing properly can solve a lot of problems and save you time and money? At Team Euro Design, we go by the old German expression, “Thinking is good, but knowing is better”.

We believe in being absolutely thorough when water testing your home or business in San Francisco. Unlike some water testing firms, we will continue to search every inch of your property until we are absolutely certain that water cannot get through at any other point. Unlike some less experienced companies in San Francisco, we will not stop water testing when we’ve found just a few leaks.

Recently we water tested a property in San Francisco. After a thorough water testing process we found 3 water leaks in a brick porch. We conducted a temporary repair to fix the problem. We cleaned and scraped all seams, mortared the joints and caulked them with polyurethane sealer after cleaning. We then waited until everything was dry and went over everything with masonry. The porch will make it through the rest of this rainy season with no trouble at all.

If you are in need of water testing services in San Francisco or the Bay Area give Euro Design and Construction a call. We have the experience to handle all types of water testing situations. Thanks!

Jan 22 2013

Testing for Leaks

Exceeding ExpectationsIf you suspect that there may be some damage or a potential leak on your Bay Area property you should have a professional firm perform a leak inspection before the rainy season. Sometimes you’re not aware of potential leaks until it’s too late. Team Euro Design and Construction can help you in the rainy season with all of your leak inspection needs.

As Bay Area residents we have certainly been experiencing an increase in the amount of rain falling on our homes this year. Abundant rainfall can lead to many issues for home or business owners in the Bay Area, including leaks and damage to your home. If you own a home or business in the Bay Area and are struggling to handle the necessary upkeep or are in need of improvements or repairs , Team Euro Design and Construction can help. We have the experience and expertise necessary to handle all types of inspections for your home or business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Recently, Team Euro Design and Construction inspected a roof at a property next to the Legion of Honor on Clement Street in San Francisco. After an inspection, carefully conducted by a member of our team, it was determined that the roof of this TIC (tenants in common) property was leaking in several locations. We determined that the roof would need to repaired as soon as possible to keep the tenants dry and protect the property from further damage.

When we conduct leak inspections in the Bay Area, thoroughness is our watch word. We believe that it is important to inspect the entire area of the property to ensure that we catch every leak. Unlike some leak inspection and repair firms we do not stop when we catch several leaks and call it a day, or say to ourselves, “It couldn’t possibly be leaking over there.” You can’t know until you’ve inspected every inch and we’ve often found leaks in unlikely places. This is the reason we are thorough every time we do a leak inspection in the Bay Area.

If you have a leak in your roof or think your property may be damaged give us a call today and a member of our team will come out to your Bay Area home or business at a time agreeable to you and carry out a thorough leak inspection to find any and all leaks. We can then help you to take the next steps to get these leaks taken care of and give you peace of mind.

Jan 11 2013

When a plan comes together

A Master at His CraftThat’s what we love!

We recently completed a project in San Francisco, where we installed a new Kitchen, Dining Room and Electrical Panel. As on an occasional construction project, we were met with some difficulties. There is nothing more satisfying than to overcome these difficulties, and provide a finished product, on time, within budget, where the customer is happy!


Happy customers are the best customers, and those types of situations propel us Smile!forward into our next projects, making more happy customers! It’s a nice situation to have. So many happy customers!

“I was so impressed by your team, getting this project started and all wrapped up Working Hard, and Working Wellso quickly and during the holiday season as well!”  Pamela G., Architect, San Francisco.

Dec 08 2012

Welcome to Team Euro Design & Construction

Team Euro Design and Construction brings old world craftsmanship, with new world thinking. Please stay tuned as we develop our website bringing our world class service in our design and construction to you.