Feb 01 2013

Total Home Remodels in Marin County – Whole Home Management While you live your life!

Whole Home ManagementAt Team Euro Design and Construction, our favorite type of project in Marin County is the total home remodel. The best time to do a total home remodel in Marin is when you have a situation that will allow you or require you to be away from your primary residence for a reasonable stretch of time, say about 2 months. Whether it be working out of the country or a long travel itinerary. While you are away Team Euro Design and Construction is capable of handling everything that your Marin County home requires. In fact, we specialize in estate and smaller property management. From your landscaping to the mail, we can handle it all. We have a long history of managing estates and smaller properties in Marin County and can even ensure that your landscapers and other maintenance professionals are taken care of.

Say that you’ve always wanted to do a second story addition, but have groaned to yourself over the hassle it would be to have to deal with the construction process. We have the solution for you! Let Team Euro Design handle everything while you are able to live your life worry free. When you return your Marin County total home remodel will be complete and you can enjoy the benefits of increased comfort and property value without ever having the deal with the headache of the process. Give Team Euro Design a call today and get your total home remodel project in Marin underway.