Jan 23 2013

The Importance of Water Testing in San Francisco

I Left My Heart...If you are having problems with leaks at your home or business in San Francisco, then it might be a good idea to hire a professional water testing company like Team Euro Design and Construction. Did you know that water testing properly can solve a lot of problems and save you time and money? At Team Euro Design, we go by the old German expression, “Thinking is good, but knowing is better”.

We believe in being absolutely thorough when water testing your home or business in San Francisco. Unlike some water testing firms, we will continue to search every inch of your property until we are absolutely certain that water cannot get through at any other point. Unlike some less experienced companies in San Francisco, we will not stop water testing when we’ve found just a few leaks.

Recently we water tested a property in San Francisco. After a thorough water testing process we found 3 water leaks in a brick porch. We conducted a temporary repair to fix the problem. We cleaned and scraped all seams, mortared the joints and caulked them with polyurethane sealer after cleaning. We then waited until everything was dry and went over everything with masonry. The porch will make it through the rest of this rainy season with no trouble at all.

If you are in need of water testing services in San Francisco or the Bay Area give Euro Design and Construction a call. We have the experience to handle all types of water testing situations. Thanks!